Christine Tiefensee

Christine Tiefensee, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
14. März 2019  16:45 -18:45 Uhr  2i NIG

Poster WKAP-Vortrag Christine Tiefensee

Metasemantics for the Relaxed

Abstract: Non-metaphysical moral realism – or relaxed realism – promises to defend morality’s objectivity without incurring the cost of metaphysical moral realism or sophisticated expressivism. This is doubtless a grand promise; indeed, many believe it to be too grand. More precisely, suspicion has grown in recent years that relaxed realism does not even amount to being a distinct position, as it threatens to collapse either into metaphysical moral realism or sophisticated expressivism. In this paper, I transpose this worry into a metasemantic key by interpreting it as demanding that relaxed realists present a metasemantic account of moral vocabulary which is both compatible with relaxing about moral truths and distinct from the metasemantic positions of metaphysical moral realism and sophisticated expressivism. My aim will be to develop an account which exactly fits this bill.