Stephen Finlay

Stephen Finlay, USC Dornsife, Los Angeles
13. Dezember 2018  16:45-18:45 Uhr  3B NIG

Poster WKAP-Vortrag Stephen Finlay

Defining Normativity

Abstract: I investigate whether different philosophers’ claims about normativity are about the same subject or, as argued by Derek Parfit, they are using the terms ‘normative’ and ‘normativity’ with different meanings. While the terms may be multiply ambiguous, I identify reason for optimism about a common subject-matter for metanormative theory. This is supported by sketching a special hybrid view of normative judgment, perspectivism, that occupies a position between metaethical cognitivism and noncognitivism, naturalism and nonnaturalism, objectivism and subjectivism. Three main fissures are explored: between (i) the “normativity” of language/thought versus that of facts and properties, (ii) abstract versus substantive normativity, and (iii) formal versus robust normativity.

Additional remark: To whom it may be interesting this is a link to a draft of the paper the talk is based. The talk will focus on section 3. At the end of the paper you also find a glossary of definitions.